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Office meeting
District 6 Announcements:

Upcoming Al-Anon Area Committee Meetings
Upcoming District Meetings
Monthly Open Speaker Meeting Hosts
Upcoming Public Outreach Meetings
Elgin Centre Detention Meetings

Due to anonymity, some information may not be available.  Please contact your Group Representative for more information. 
Thank you f
or your understanding. 

please consider the environment when printing flyers
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Friday Night Open Speaker Meetings 8 pm -9 pm

Online Zoom ID# 835 1424 7357  Password:  036762

October 6th - Higher Power and I AFG
November 3rd - Friendly Thursday Afternoon AFG
December 1st - One Day at a Time AFG

Detention Cetres.png

Future Hope Al-Anon Family Group

Women's Detention Centre

Meetings start back the first week of Oct. 2023.

Wednesdays from 5:45 pm to 6:45 pm.

For more  information, please contact Irene at


Gateway Al-Anon Family Group

Men’s Detention Centre

For information, please contact Vit at 519-521-0123 or

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District 6 Meetings 9:30 am- 11:30 am

Online Zoom ID# 828 5443 0680  Password:  065997

Next meeting is scheduled for October 
September 9th - minutes pending
June 17th - minutes TBA
May 13th -
minutes TBA
April 6th - minutes TBA
March 9th - minutes TBA
February 9th - minutes TBA
January 12th - minutes TBA

2022 District Minutes available on request
email Al-Anon District 6 Secretary at

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District 6 Public Outreach Meetings 6 pm -7 pm

Online Zoom ID# 857 3509 3142  Password:  170535

Next meeting is scheduled for October 12th
September 14th - minutes pending
June 8th - minutes

May 11th - minutes
April 6th - minutes
March 9th - minutes
February 9th - minutes
January 12th - minutes

2022 Public Outreach Minutes available on request-email

Scheduled 2023 District 6 Meeting Dates for 2nd Saturday each month at 9:30 am:
Online Zoom ID# 828 5443 0680  Passcode:  065997

October 14th   November 11th   December 9th
Scheduled 2023 District 6 Public Outreach Meeting Dates for 2nd Thursday each month at 6 pm:
Online Zoom ID# 857 3509 3142  Passcode:   170535

October 12th   November 9th   December TBA  
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